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Wonder Shuttle collaborated with Garrison Bespoke to generate leads and educate customers. Together, their work generated hundreds of organic leads shortly after launching, and engaged Garrison Bespoke’s existing audience and potential clients.

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Garrison Bespoke is a Toronto-based creator of custom tailored suits. It has worked with clients such as the television show Suits, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Drake.

Garrison Bespoke wanted to build a stronger relationship with its audience using content. The content would also enable them to set up an infrastructure to manage customer relationships, and increase revenue in the long run. They approached Wonder Shuttle to help set up editorial processes, manage content projects, and consult on content strategy.


Wonder Shuttle worked with Garrison Bespoke’s content team to create an editorial calendar and manage content workflow. Since Garrison Bespoke was launching their content initiative from scratch, Wonder Shuttle worked with them to develop realistic milestones and iterate quickly on strategies and tactics. The two teams met for daily stand up calls and weekly strategy meetings.

Additionally, Wonder Shuttle provided creative direction and worked with Potluck Collective to create two eBooks. Wonder Shuttle also helped Garrison Bespoke set up a system for tracking content and manage creative assets and workflows. These resources help Garrison Bespoke generate leads, increase customer purchase intent, and educate their audience. Wonder Shuttle helped set up the Hubspot infrastructure required to track these metrics.


Garrison Bespoke’s eBooks have generated hundreds of leads through organic traffic. The articles that Wonder Shuttle helped their content team create could also be repurposed into future eBooks for Garrison Bespoke. Wonder Shuttle’s editorial process set Garrison Bespoke up for success with their content marketing and strategy in the future.


Wonder Shuttle worked with our content team to jumpstart our editorial process. Together, we took a lean approach to content and regularly iterated based on our weekly meetings and daily standups.

More importantly, Wonder Shuttle helped us develop a process that would properly measure the ROI on our content initiatives. They also worked with us to ideate and create two eBooks, which have generated hundreds of leads within a couple of months organically without hard launches or paid media.

Wonder Shuttle’s unique position at the intersection of content and commerce meant I could trust them with the autonomy to make intelligent, well-reasoned, decisions and lead our content initiatives. Their firsthand experience helped us avoid a lot of mistakes along the way.

David Tran
Head of Marketing, Garrison Bespoke

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