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Wonder Shuttle worked with Climax Media to develop new content that would engage prospects and current clients. This content would be the key to securing new press partnerships and building Climax Media’s audience.


Climax Media is a digital agency that focuses on enterprise web architecture. It has developed solutions for brands such as Honda, Brookfield Homes, and Acura. Climax Media wanted to reach more key decision makers at enterprises and re-position themselves as specialists in a narrower niche. Wonder Shuttle and Climax Media collaborated to strategize and execute on their Blue Paper thought leadership project, create content for their LeanEnterpriseTO event series, as well as other various content and PR initiatives.


Wonder Shuttle worked with Climax Media to create content for their monthly Blue Paper initiative. The Blue Paper initiative would become the foundation for Climax Media’s thought leadership and event marketing.

To connect with Climax Media’s audience, Wonder Shuttle developed and executed on an outreach plan. Wonder Shuttle leveraged its existing relationships to republish two of Climax Media’s Blue Papers in an international industry publication.

In order to scale Climax Media’s event initiative, LeanEnterpriseTO, Wonder Shuttle created articles around each unique panelist and speaker’s story.


Wonder Shuttle’s content built a foundation for Climax Media’s brand awareness and to establish them as industry leaders.

In addition to helping Climax Media build relationships with press outlets, the content Wonder Shuttle created helped Climax Media generate new leads and effectively engage prospects and customers.


“Wonder Shuttle has been an instrumental partner for our agency. Over the past year, they’ve helped us achieve our demand generation goals by fast tracking brand awareness, executing our thought leadership strategy and generating new leads.
Their magic lies at the intersection of a flexible and autonomous process. Not only did they provide high value content marketing services for our firm, they also helped us solve PR challenges by building strategies to work with publications and industry thought leaders.”

Corey Eastman
Head of Digital Consulting, Climax Media

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