Busy Building Things

Wonder Shuttle partnered up with Busy Building Things to create content that doubled their lead list, generated nearly a million earned impressions, and developed crucial press relationships.



Developed in 2011, Busy Building Things is a brand that sells inspirational posters and decor for entrepreneurs, designers, and other types of artists. As it was preparing to re-launch its website and content platform, as well as the debut of various new products, it approached with Wonder Shuttle to gain exposure and build awareness. Busy Building Things also wanted to expand its own audience and build a direct connection with its current and prospective customers.


In order to increase audience exposure and awareness, Wonder Shuttle identified and created a few pieces of content that would resonate with Busy Building Things’s target market. This content would be published on Medium, a content platform tightly integrated with Twitter and speaking to a wide audience of designers and entrepreneurs.

Wonder Shuttle set up a Busy Building Things-branded channel on Medium. It also published a series of articles on Medium. The second published article was shared by several of the industry’s thought leaders. Wonder Shuttle worked with Busy Building Things to connect with these thought leaders for future collaboration opportunities.

Links to e-mail opt-ins and products would be embedded in the content. With one particular article, Wonder Shuttle experimented with integrating products more deeply into the content, and the content piece was published on the same day as the product’s launch to maximize exposure.

Busy Building Things was also approached by eCommerce platform Shopify to collaborate on a pop-up shop. Wonder Shuttle worked with Busy Building Things to help share various Shopify retailers’ stories at the event.


Within the first four months of collaboration, Busy Building Things’ sales have doubled month over month. During this time, Wonder Shuttle also doubled Busy Building Things’ mailing list size. Busy Building Things has received over a million earned impressions through Wonder Shuttle’s content marketing and distribution. One of the pieces also ended up on Medium’s Top 100 for the month of October 2013. Because of Medium’s integration with Twitter, Busy Building Things gained hundreds of new Twitter followers.

Due to its success, Wonder Shuttle is now also collaborating with Busy Building Things’ sister mobile agency Tiny Hearts to assist with content marketing and public relations.


“Wonder Shuttle doubled our mailing list, and got our brand almost a million impressions of earned media, and helped us launch a few new products successfully. Whether we were in the office together or working virtually, Wonder Shuttle was reliable and consistently delivered high quality work.

A large part of Wonder Shuttle’s expertise comes from their passion for storytelling and their own experiments; they have consistently found new methods of spreading our story and executing their plans excellently. I would highly recommend their work and look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Robleh Jama
Founder & Creative Director, Busy Building Things
Founder & CEO, Tiny Hearts

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