“My works are only the ashes of my art.” — Yves Klein, “Le dépassement de la problématique de l’art.”

We help companies win through content, education, and strategy. 


Shopify Plus (NYSE: SHOP) is a multichannel ecommerce platform powering the world’s fastest growing brands. We built their authority through content, deconstructing industry challenges, and identifying opportunities for future success to readers. In close collaboration with their merchants and executive team, we enriched their stories with actionable insights to enable readers to grow their businesses rapidly.

“[Wonder Shuttle] is instrumental in helping developing and evolving our voice. Their work challenges you to think critically as a reader and allows you to apply your own context to the information being presented. This is extremely rare in today’s noisy content space, and something I find incredibly valuable.”

Tommy Walker
Editor-in-Chief, Shopify Plus



Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) is a communications platform that enables phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. In addition to guiding and counseling Twilio in launching their Learn microsite, we planned and created content and communicated their product capabilities to new target markets.

“Educating prospective customers can be tricky, especially with intangible products on the Internet. Fortunately, Wonder Shuttle’s team specializes at describing these tools and the accompanying new mindsets required to succeed with them. Whether you’re a marketing team looking to expand into content, or already have a well-oiled content marketing machine, Wonder Shuttle is a great partner to ensure your team sees results with content.”

Nichole Wong,
Product Marketing Sr. Manager, Twilio



PageCloud’s website builder makes it possible for anyone create beautiful, unique, websites. PageCloud approached us to re-examine their approach to content strategy and marketing. We worked with PageCloud’s growth team to set editorial processes, ideate and publish content, and found readers for their work through guest posts and social news sites.

 “Even though we had worked with freelancers for our blog before, we really started seeing drastic results after working with Wonder Shuttle. They worked well autonomously with little coordination, often in parallel with our team. With their strategic counsel, creative input, and editorial expertise, we saw over a 10x increase in organic traffic to the PageCloud blog — and have a tried-and-true playbook to build our brand and audience through content.”

Henry Brown,
Customer Acquisition ‎Manager, PageCloud



Skillshare is a personalized learning platform with online classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. We worked closely with Skillshare’s founder and CEO to make his content an asset for recruiting. Together, we shared his experiences growing the company, leading the team, and his vision of the future of education. Through a year, we earned over 100,000 pageviews at Medium.  



Flipp is the easiest way to browse flyers and save money. Flipp approached us to lead their employer side branding efforts through content. We supported their developer team through coaching and co-writing, editing, and pitching articles. This led to their team members getting published at The Globe and Mail, The Next Web, and at some of Medium’s most prominent publications.


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